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The Old Globe In-School Residency Program

Arts Integration strategies are a central component of the Globe’s new In-School Artist Residency Program, a program that will provide meaningful theatre experiences for students at every grade level.  In addition to supporting the educational goals each teacher must attain for a particular class, Teaching Artists will help students develop competencies specific to theatre arts, as defined in the California Board of Education’s Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools

During each residency, professional Globe Teaching Artists will work with classroom teachers to select an area of curriculum that the teacher would like to enhance through theatre.  The Teaching Artist will then visit participating classes five to six times over the course of several weeks to guide students in the creation of a short theatre piece that uses the selected curriculum element as the subject matter.  Topics may range from a book that is used in the curriculum to a current event or a period in history.

The classroom teacher is responsible for instruction of the subject matter but in general, will not have previous experience in theatre.  Teaching Artists are trained to examine the subject matter and select elements that lend themselves to an exploration of theatre.  In class, the Teaching Artist will provide sequenced activities that will give students an opportunity to explore theatre through improvisation, theatre games, collaboration, memorization, rehearsal and performance.  Each residency will culminate in an in-school presentation in which students will demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum through their ability to transfer their knowledge to a performance mode.

The Old Globe’s In-School Artist Residency Program will also serve as professional development for participating classroom teachers by modeling techniques for using theatre arts to support learning in a wide range of subjects across the curriculum, including Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Science and Mathematics.

Contact Roberta Wells-Famula, Director of Education (619) 238-0043 x2144 or email rwells-famula@TheOldGlobe.org  for more information and prices.

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